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Clack WS1.25” duplex water softeners are capable of a flow rates up to 7.7m3/h and makes them ideal for situations where soft water is required twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Small manufacturing plants, laundrettes and distilleries that have very little down time are the perfect applications, although larger domestic properties where people come and go such as hostels and hotels are also reasonable applications.

The WS1.25” duplex softener utilises a two-vessel system where hard water will never pass to service during a regeneration. It also comes with two WS1.25” Clack valves and an interconnecting motorised valve to distribute the flow of water.

Duplex Softeners need to be meter-controlled systems, otherwise there would be overlap and hard water would pass to service. In the applications where these systems are used, this is not an option. The damage to washing machines in a laundrette or restaurant over time due to passing hard water would be substantial. Duplex softeners prevent that from happening.

Our systems are built by our team of senior engineers ensuring the reliability you require and come with a typical resin life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years.

Metered Clack duplex softeners consist of all the required components to allow you to start softening your water straight away.

RefDescriptionTank Size (x2)Resin Quantity (x2)Flow Rate* Capacity @ 300 ppm** Salt Usage Per Regen
DS75-C12575 Litre, WS1.25 Metered Duplex Softener13” x 54”75 Litres3.00 m3/hr12.50 m39.0 kg
DS125-C125125 Litre, WS1.25 Metered Duplex Softener14” x 65”125 Litres5.00 m3/hr20.83 m315.0 kg
DS150-C125150 Litre, WS1.25 Metered Duplex Softener16” x 65”150 Litres6.00 m3/hr25.00 m318.0 kg
DS200-C125200 Litre, WS1.25 Metered Duplex Softener18” x 65”200 Litres7.70 m3/hr33.33 m324.0 kg
* Capacity based on 50g CaCO3 hardness removed per litre of resin.
** Salt usage based on 120g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.