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Clack duplex WS1 TT water softeners are ideal for residential situations where soft water is required twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The TT Duplex system will supply soft water to a max flow rate of 6.1m3/hr. The softener utilises a two-vessel system where hard water will never pass to service during a regeneration. Duplex TT water softener units are most suitable for small to medium residential applications but can also be used for commercial and industrial applications.

The TT systems come with meter controls as standard. This helps as the system uses fewer regenerations. The meter calculates the amount of soft water that has been processed and initiates a regeneration process when the vessel which is online has exhausted its capacity. This ensures that the full resin capacity is used resulting in a saving on salt consumption, water usage and energy consumption.

 The single valve TT unit is more cost effective than its competitors. Saving on space and servicing costs as there is only one head to service.

Our systems are built by our team of senior engineers ensuring the reliability you require and come with a typical resin life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years. Metered Clack duplex softeners consist of all the required components to allow you to start softening your water straight away.

RefDescriptionTank Size (x2)Resin Quantity (x2)Flow Rate* Capacity
@ 300 ppm"** Salt Usage Per Regen
DS20-CTT20 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener8” x 35”20 Litres0.80 m3/hr3.33 m32.4 kg
DS30-CTT30 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener10” x 35”30 Litres1.20 m3/hr5.00 m33.6 kg
DS40-CTT40 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener10” x 44”40 Litres1.60 m3/hr6.66 m34.8 kg
DS50-CTT50 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener10” x 54”50 Litres2.00 m3/hr8.33 m36.0 kg
DS60-CTT60 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener12” x 52”60 Litres2.40 m3/hr10.00 m37.2 kg
DS75-CTT75 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener13” x 54”75 Litres3.00 m3/hr12.50 m39.0 kg
DS100-CTT100 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener14” x 65”100 Litres4.00 m3/hr16.66 m312.0 kg
DS150-CTT150 Litre,WS1TT Metered Softener16” x 65”150 Litres6.00 m3/hr25.00 m318.0 kg
* Capacity based on 50g CaCO3 hardness removed per litre of resin.
** Salt usage based on 120g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.