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WS2 duplex softeners are large scale commercial and industrial units capable of supplying soft water at large flow rates. The softeners can supply flows from 10m3/hr to 26m3/hr. Applications that would need soft water at this rate would be large chicken farms and irrigation systems, where soft water is required twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The brass bodied valves sit on a dual tank system, utilising a motorised alternating valve to distribute water and ensure that no hard water will never pass to service during a regeneration. WS2 Clack water softener units are suitable for large commercial and industrial applications.
The interconnecting pipework seen in the picture is supplied separately. The unit can be purchased with or without pipework.

Meter controlled systems are more technically advanced as they calculate the amount of soft water that has been processed and initiate a regeneration process when the online vessel has exhausted its capacity. This ensures that the full resin capacity is used resulting in a saving on salt consumption, water usage and energy.

Metered Clack duplex softeners consist of all the required components to allow you to start softening your water straight away.

RefDescriptionTank Size (x2)Resin Quantity (x2)Flow Rate* Capacity @ 300 ppm** Salt Usage Per Regen
DS250-C2250 Litre, WS2 Metered Duplex Softener21” x 60”250 Litres10.00 m3/hr41.66 m330.0 kg
DS350-C2350 Litre, WS2 Metered Duplex Softener24” x 69”350 Litres14.00 m3/hr58.33 m342.0 kg
DS500-C2500 Litre, WS2 Metered Duplex Softener30” x 72”500 Litres20.00 m3/hr83.33 m360.0 kg
DS700-C2700 Litre, WS2 Metered Duplex Softener36” x 72”700 Litres26.00 m3/hr116.66 m384.0 kg
* Capacity based on 50g CaCO3 hardness removed per litre of resin.
** Salt usage based on 120g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.