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A Clack WS1 simplex water softener is best suited to applications where soft water is not required at a particularly large volume and also not required 24 hours a day.

The system utilises a single high-quality vessel and superior grade softening resin. Untreated hard water will pass to service when the system goes into a regeneration cycle.

The down time when residents are asleep is the perfect time to regenerate the softener. Although used more often in domestic applications, the WS1 valve is also more than suitable for commercial and industrial applications if a flow rate of under 6m3/hr is required.

All WS1 simplex softeners come as meter-controlled systems. Meter controlled systems are more technically advanced as they calculate the amount of soft water that has been processed and determine when to initiate a regeneration process according to pre-calculated settings. 

We can tailor the regeneration process so that this can occur during low periods of water usage, this ensures that there is never an interruption to the supply of water to your home or business.

Our systems are built by our team of senior engineers providing the reliability you require and have a typical resin life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years.

RefDescriptionTank SizeResin QuantityFlow Rate"* Capacity
@ 300 ppm"** Salt Usage Per Regen
SS20-C120 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener8” x 35”20 Litres0.80 m3/hr3.33 m32.4 kg
SS30-C130 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener10” x 35”30 Litres1.20 m3/hr5.00 m33.6 kg
SS40-C140 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener10” x 44”40 Litres1.60 m3/hr6.66 m34.8 kg
SS50-C150 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener10” x 54”50 Litres2.00 m3/hr8.33 m36.0 kg
SS60-C160 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener12” x 52”60 Litres2.40 m3/hr10.00 m37.2 kg
SS75-C175 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener13” x 54”75 Litres3.00 m3/hr12.50 m39.0 kg
SS100-C1100 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener14” x 65”100 Litres4.00 m3/hr16.66 m312.0 kg
SS150-C1150 Litre,WS1 Metered Softener16” x 65”150 Litres6.00 m3/hr25.00 m318.0 kg
* Capacity based on 50g CaCO3 hardness removed per litre of resin.
** Salt usage based on 120g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.