About US

ENVIROSYS LIMITED was founded in 2012 with an aim of providing a seamless provision of services to the Water Treatment Industry. Typically, various ‘specialist’ companies were employed to satisfy our Customers water treatment needs, which sometimes led to a disjointed service as their boundaries were reached. Industry traditions and corporate tie-ins often led to products and services that suited the suppliers rather than the Customer. Here at ENVIROSYS we specialise in all forms of water treatment, from analytical testing and compliance through to complex turnkey plant installations, always looking for innovative ways to provide solutions to suit the specific application, whilst providing best value.

With increasing EA pressures, we are keen to look at water/energy saving ideas. Recycling waste water is becoming more popular – a service which ENVIROSYS specialise in.

A network of quality supply partners enable us to provide the Best Available Technology at industry leading prices and we pride ourselves in giving our Customers the best value with unparalleled support and commitment.


2020 and 2021 are proving difficult times for everyone. We have maintained, and continue to provide excellent service levels throughout this period, despite the obvious logistical difficulties. 

A large increase in the requirement for disinfection system installation/servicing has been noticed, primarily due to so many buildings being under-occupied with a low turnover of water. We are ready and prepared to keep buildings safe during these times and to offer advice on how best to manage the situation moving forwards.

Our services include:

Bespoke Dosing Equipment for all water treatment systems – disinfection, cooling, hot and cold process etc.

Pre-treatment plant including package and custom water softeners, carbon filters, membrane systems (UF/NF/RO/EDI) and Ion Exchange systems to name a few

Control systems, from basic low cost switching to more complex and bespoke PLC systems

Grundfos OEM partner & stockist

Provision of consumables and parts for water treatment systems (filters, filter media, resin, fittings etc.)

  • Water testing
  • Water Compliance (L8)
  • L8 Compliance Training
  • Provision of speciality chemicals, both liquid and dry
  • Laboratory testing (UKAS)
  • Cooling Tower design, installation, service and repairs
Envirosys Reverse Osmosis

Bespoke Duty/Assist Reverse Osmosis system

Back-to-back, mirror image arrangement with alternating duty cycles, installed September 2017 with comprehensive pre-treatment (not shown)

IX System Rebuild

Complete rebuild of IX system 2019

From triplex to quadruplex utilising existing pipework, valves and instrumentation where possible. New nozzle plate vessels, Bray pneumatic and electric valves, E&H pressure and mag-flow meters to ensure precise flow and pressure management of each vessel. Chelating resin for 95% efficient heavy metal removal to satisfy EA consent limits

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Mon to Fri: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment.